Natural Australian Boulder Opal Bracelet 15.5cm -16.5cm Code BR104

  • $175.00

This high quality hand made Natural Solid Boulder Opal bracelet, each opal has been shaped into a pear shape, each opal has its own unique opal colour and pattern.

The boulder opal was mined in Western Queensland, near the town of Quilpie.

The toggle clasp is made of silver, and a strong branded thread has been used to thread the opals. The bracelet is 15.5cm long with an extra 1cm of adjustable chain.

The Opal Bracelet comes packaged in a high quality jewellery box, to help make a great first impression.

When you purchase this pendant you will also receive an Opal Book which explains many interesting facts about Australian Opal including when it was formed in the Earth, and where your Opal was mined. 

Pear shaped beads range in size from 8mm x 6mm for the smaller pcs,

Large link - 16.5cm

Small link - 15.5cm

to the larger 12mm x 9 mm

Bead Amount approx  beads - 33

 Item Code  BR104