Natural Opalizied Wood Fossil and Diamond Gold Pendant Code-GPA59

  • $250.00


This Opalized wood fossil was mined in Western Queensland near the town of Winton. The wood fossil has a pocket window of bright, opal speckles which light up with every movement along with deep rich, woody, natural colour tones.   

The Opal for this pendant was vegetation but has  been opalized over millions of years.

The Opalized wood has been cut into a lovely round shape with  5 natural diamonds which are embedded in a 10k gold loop.

 The Opal Pendant  comes with an 18"  display chain and is packaged in a high quality jewellery box, to help make a great first impression.

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 Pendant Weight  2.6grms

Opal  Length        18mm

Opal  Width          10mm

Opal  Height         5mm

 Item Code           GPA59