Natural Australian Boulder Opal and Diamond Silver Pendant with Silver Chain Code -SD50

  • $200.00


The Opal has beautiful colours and a earthy rich ironstone pattern. A display of bright green, blue and purple opal flashes shine their beauty especially upon movement.

A Natural Solid Boulder Opal mined in Western Queensland near the town of Quilpie. 

 It is set in a simple modern silver pendant design, with a natural Diamond in the loop.

 A certificate of authenticity from the Opal Association of Australia stating that the opal in the pendant is a Natural Solid Australian Opal is included.

The Opal Pendant  comes with an 18"  Silver chain and is packaged in a high-quality jewellery box, to help make a great first impression.

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Pendant weight      2.7grms

Stone Length          7mm

Stone width             4mm

Stone height         2.5mm