Australian Sandstone Opal Matrix Bracelet 17cm Code BR632

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This beautiful Sandstone Opal Matrix  bracelet is made from  18 individual round shaped beads, each opal bead has its own unique opal colour and pattern. The bracelet has beautiful glittery deep blue and hints of green opal colours.

The Sandstone  Opal  matrix was mined in western Queensland. near the town of Winton.

Size of bracelet when fully extended (to go over the wrist)  is 23cm.

Size of bracelet when fully closed the length is 17cm

average opal stone size 8 x 8 x 8mm

The natural sandstone opal matrix in the bracelet (sandstone with specks of opal colour) has been cooked with cooking oil to blacken the sandstone, which in turn, makes it easier to see the opal colours. this type of cooked Opal is sometimes called Fairy Opal

Weight 16grms 

Item Code  BR632