Australian White Opal Adjustable Bracelet 16.5cm Code AWB08

  • $80.00


Beautiful Natural Australian White Opal Bracelet. Sweet Flickers of soft opal colours dance about upon movement or when light catches the opals.

The White Opal was mined near the town of Coober Pedy in South Australia.

This adjustable bracelet has sweet uplifting colours to it. Minty greens and orange highlight around the white depth of the opal.

To top it off we have two Queensland Boulder Opal at the ends of the adjustable bracelet with their own natural pattern.

Size of bracelet when fully extended (to go over the wrist)  is 20.5cm.

Bracelet weight 6grms

Size of bracelet when fully closed the length is 16.5cm

Average Opal stone size 3mm by 2mm

Item Code  AWB08