Natural Australian Side Drill Boulder Opal Pendant

  • $75.00

The opal has been shaped and polished into its natural form, the opal has great natural pattern. 

This stunning Boulder Opal was mined in Western Queensland, near the Town of Quilpie.

This side drilled design has been used for gem stones for 1000 of years and is especially suitable for people who enjoy natural stones and prefer  pendants with  no metal.

The Opal Pendant also comes with an adjustable wax cotton necklace and is sent in a high quality jewellery box, to help make a great first impression.

A certificate of authenticity from the Opal Association of Australia stating that the opal in the pendant is a Natural Solid Australian Opal is included.

Weight   6gms

Length   26mm

Width    15mm

Height   7.5mm

Item Code SD003