Natural Australian Boulder Opal Gold Ring - Size 8 Code - RL47

  • $1,000.00


The Opal is a stunning natural Solid  Boulder Opal mined in Western Queensland, near the Town of Quilpie.

The Opal has a beautiful natural two tone opal pattern with gorgeous orange,green and hints of yellow opal colours.

The Opal is set in a modern, elegant  and very easy to wear 10k gold ring design.

We only sell natural Solid Australian Opals, that are millions of years old. We do not sell man-made Opal such as a Opal Doublet, Opal Triplet, or Synthetic Opal.

 A certificate of authenticity from the Opal Association of Australia stating that the opal in the ring is a Natural Solid Australian Opal is included,  

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Ring Weight - 3.9gms

Opal Length -  13.5mm

Opal Width -   9mm

Opal Height -  2.5mm

Item Code -  RL47