Boulder Opal Matrix Beaded Necklace 18" Long Code-ON001

  • $175.00

This Beautiful natural  Boulder Opal Necklace, has 48 individual Round beads, each opal bead has its own unique Opal colour and pattern. The necklace is finished off with a simple and easy to wear Silver clasp

The  Opal was mined in western Queensland near the town of Winton

A certificate of authenticity from the Opal Association of Australia stating that the opal in the pendant is a Natural Solid Australian Opal is included.

We only sell natural Solid Australian Opals, that are millions of years old. We do not sell man-made Opal such as a Opal Doublet, Opal Triplet, or Synthetic Opal.

The Necklace is 18"(45cm) long. 

Bead number    48

Bead width     9mm to 10.5mm 

Item Code      ON001